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Are you looking for waterproofing services for your messy and flooded home basement? Are you waking up from the middle of a sound sleep with a fully flooded basement during rainy days? Put an end to it now. Our residential waterproofing contractor in Rockford, Illinois has an affordable offer for you. We know that your home basement repair project is expensive and might hurt your budget but it is better to act now and request professional repair service expertise to lessen damages in your home property structures and eliminate insect infestation in your basement. Our basement waterproofing service is economical but one of a kind. We offer a full range of basement waterproofing services and correction of the drainage system from your first call to the completion of the repair construction projects.
At Basement Waterproofing Rockford Illinois, we also serve commercial and industrial customers. If you need a company with a proven track record, then, our commercial waterproofing contractors are of great help to you. Being in this repair industry for almost two decades now makes us experts in everything we do. We focus on improving our services and innovate our technologies to provide a quality output that will exceed your expectations. We also ensure that your project is worth investing in. We have developed advanced preferred methods in solving your basement issues as quickly as possible. With the help of our experienced technicians. We have innovative tools and equipment so we can easily provide you quality output in no time. With basement waterproofing as our premiere service with combined techniques below, we can guarantee a dry basement for our Rockford Illinois home and commercial customers. Call us today, let us know how we can help you. Our great deals and packages await you.

Services Offered

Full basement waterproofing is our most comprehensive service but we have included these key services listed below to ensure that our services will guarantee a dry basement that will last longer.

Wall and Floor Crack Repair

These are damage from major storms or due to moisture and humidity. If not properly repaired these issues will cause more damage to your house structure, infestation, and severe flooding or seepage.

Mold Remediation

Molds are fungal ecology in a damp, humid, and dark spaces like in your basement. Molds are hazardous to human health and can lead significant damage to your property. Our expert technicians are trained to eliminate mold build up in your basement and other spaces affected in your home.


It is common that a house with basement issues and flooding has a serious humidity problem. We have the best solution for this kind of problem leaving you with fresh indoor air, mold-free, and healthy indoor environment.

Structural Repairs

Water seepage can weaken your house floor foundation and damage the whole structure of your residence. That is why we also look for other parts of your home that needed to be repaired.

Sump Pump Installation

For occasional flooding, this service will keep your basement dry.

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